Inorganic Chemistry &
Molecular Materials

More About Desmonius Lab

Our lab facilities are located at the Institute of Applied Chemical Sciences (ICQA), Faculty of Engineering, "Universidad Autónoma de Chile" in San Miguel, Santiago of Chile.

Our research its at the interface between chemistry, theoretical and material science, focusing on the design of molecular materials with technological potential in the following areas:

  • - Polyoxometalate Chemistry
  • - Organometallic Hybrid Materials
  • - Inorganic Clusters
  • - Theoretical Calculations

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Here you have all the teaching material of Dr. MacLeod-Carey used in the following courses:

  • Scientific Basis of Medicine I - 2019
  • General Chemistry ICCT - 2019
  • Inorganic Chemistry - 2020
  • Biochemistry
  • Outreach

    We are commited to motivate the enthusiasm of child and young people to learn more about nature, science, technology, mathematics, music and art, and specially reinforce them during early childhood.

    Thus, with the help of "Universidad Autónoma de Chile" we carry out several outreach activities:

  • Live the Sciences in your School.
  • Eureka! - Scientific Stand-Up.
  • Scientific Magic Show.
  • Members

    Meet the actual and former members of our research group, as well the national and international collaborators.

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    Positions Available

    We are seeking motivated national and international PhD's to develop projects in the field of Inorganic Chemistry funded by the chilean PostDoctoral FONDECYT Fellowship that funds 3 years:

  • Monthly salary of 2,800 USD
  • Reagent and travel allowance: 10,000 USD a year
  • Deadline is on June of each year and results are available on October.

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    Events & Meetings

    Check out some of our upcoming scientific events of international, national and regional interest.

    Currently we are organizing:

  • Fisrt Chilean Rubber Recicling Meeting
  • ICMS-2019
  • Also, take a look of past International events in which we have participated as organizers.

    Dr. Desmond MacLeod-Carey Castro

    I am interested in inorganic and organometallic compounds and molecular clusters of technological interest, which are analyzed in a theoretical way including relativistic corrections and experimentally obtaining the systems for their characterization and evaluation of their possible uses as materials for remediation, energy conversion, wastes treatment, among other uses. These systems include inorganic and organometallic transition metal complexes having intermetallic or metal-metal bonds, which makes them very attractive systems of great technological potential due to the intrinsic properties of the metallic centers, which can be improved through the new properties generated by their interaction. The most attractive feature of these systems and the contribution to Chilean science is its interdisciplinary nature, which includes physics, spectroscopy, materials science and various areas of chemistry, such as organic, inorganic, organometallic and electrochemistry.

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